L1 High Powered Rocket Builds

Every Friday, led by Alex
Register at https://www.nar.org/

Build your own level-one high powered rocket, and get certified through the National Association of Rocketry! These build sessions will walk you through how to build the ‘Callisto’ rocket kit from Public Missiles Ltd. These kits are provided to students through the club, and afterwards are yours to keep! Build sessions are lead by students that have previously attained their L1 certifications, and as we approach a launch date, a motor build session will be held by our advisor, Tracy Furutani.

There are several launch opportunities throughout the year, hosted by local and state rocketry chapters, like the Washington Aerospace Club. We will head to one of our designated launch sites, and get to launch our rockets as a group. If you recover your rocket intact, then you will earn your Level 1 High-Power certification, which enables you to launch modified Level 1 rockets, and go on to earn your Level 2.


IREC Rocket
Group Build

Every Friday, led by Matt

Whether you’ve already built a high powered rocket or you just really love group projects, check out our IREC project!
For the past three consecutive years, NSCRC has participated in IREC: The Intercollegiate Rocketry Engineering Competition as one of only a handful of two-year colleges. This competition is held at Spaceport America in New Mexico during the last week of June every year, where college students from around the globe come to compete.

This engineering project is much more challenging than building an L1, and that’s why we do it as a group effort. Students with backgrounds in electronics, programming, and manufacturing work side by side with majors in physics, mathematics, and a wide variety of engineering disciplines to build a Level 3 High-Powered Rocket that we will launch as a group.

Field Trips

To be announced

Lucky for us, the Seattle area is a goldmine of aerospace industry!

Throughout the year, we’ll host speakers and guests from local companies, take tours, and go on outings like ‘Yuri’s Night’!